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Manganese Oxide >

Chemical formula: Mn3O4

Material: Manganese Oxide is a brown powder produced as a bi-product of Ferro-Manganese alloy refining. It can be used as a pigment in glass and ceramic applications, oil well drilling muds, welding rods and animal feed.   Manganese Oxide suspension was developed to eliminate the handling of hazardous powders in the working environment and to give greater control of addition rates and reduce waste.  It is used primarily as a pigment in the ceramic brick, paver and roof tile industry to alter the colour of the finished product.  

Grades: We sell our liquid suspension as ColorMax N70 which is a 70% w/w solids suspension of Manganese Oxide. By adjusting the addition rate of Manganese you can turn red burning clay products grey, brown, blue or black (depending on the clay used and the firing conditions).

Packaging: Material is available in 1,000 kilo nett bags as a solid or as a liquid suspension in 1,000 litre IBCs or bulk road tankers.

Availability: Manganese Oxide suspension is manufactured at our plants in the UK, Belgium, Spain and Australia.